Past, Present, and Future

High Eyrie's Mission: To produce fiction that takes readers on journeys to the stars and words of imagination.

How High Eyrie Publications Came About

Over the years, authors have needed various personas to accommodate different publishing roles. The name of an ancestress or maiden name sufficed as a pen name to separate works in different genres. Other times, a more formal organization was required such as when a lecture turned into a television documentary.

With the addition of independent publishing of fiction, more was needed. To bring the individual, the informal, and the formal together, a whole new entity evolved that combined the earlier incarnations and entities into one--High Eyrie Publications.

Today and Tomorrow

The High Eyrie Publication imprint includes fiction by author Helen Henderson in the romance, fantasy, and science fiction genres and the historic westerns of Jessie Treon.

Releases of fiction include a collection of short stories and poems published as a tribute to those who have served their country.

The culmination of twenty years of work, the imprint added non-fiction to its line with the release of the local history, From the Back Street to Main Street.